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    It was a flourishing Milan of the early 1960s that first witnessed the emergence of an entirely new kind of Italian restaurant. Opened by uprooted Tuscans, these restaurants were the first in the country to abandon the long cooking times of regional cuisine that had dominated Italian restaurant food up until that point.
    In its place these Tuscan chefs began to develop a style of cooking which in time would come to define the International conception of Italian food. At the time it was simply referred to as cucina espressa: cleaned and cut fresh ingredients which would begin to be cooked only in the moment in which they were ordered by the customer.

     Preparing dishes in this way, quickly, so as to maintain the intrinsic qualities of the ingredient, an entirely new culinary movement was born. 
    Limone, which opened in 2001, is a second-generation restaurant of cucina espressa, founded and run by the ‘immigrants’ of the ‘70s and ‘80s (Calabrians, Sicilians, Pugliesi and Neapolitans) who refined their skills in the kitchens of the Tuscan masters. For the chefs of Limone the desire to maintain the increasingly rare pure principles of cucina espressa forms the true raison d’être of the restaurant.

  2. Fish


    Limone serves the freshest fish in Milan. The restaurant remains one of the last in the city to acquire its first directly from the central fish market of via Lombroso, the first point of arrival for the most important catches on the Italian Mediterranean, three times a week at 5am, when the traffic lights of the city still flash amber.
    Being able to directly inspect, touch, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of fish directly from the market is an ability developed over decades by the chef and owner of the restaurant.
    This intimate familiarity with the product allows the restaurant to not only recognize and acquire

    the freshest arrivals of classics such as mussels, tuna and seabass but also to purchase less well-known, under-appreciated or highly season local fish.
    For this reason you will always find the fish vetrine at the entrance to the restaurant overflowing with a variety of rarer delicacies such as Alalunga, Sauro or Besugo for which your waiter can recommend a suitable on-the-spot preparation for you; carpaccio, salt baked, in a home-made pasta dish...

  3. Pizza


    The dough prepared by Limone is made exclusively from the in-house starter yeast, ’1 and durum wheat flours and extra virgin olive oil. It is left to rise for 4 days, allowing for a significantly more ‘relaxed’ and easier to digest dough.
    When cooked in the wood-fired oven the resulting pizza resembles the traditional 19th century Neapolitan style in its voluminous crust (though with a more open crumb, again making it easier to digest) while the base is thin and elastic in a carefully mixed combination of heritages,

    which reflects the restaurant’s modern Italian cucina espressa philosophy.
    Even if you intend to eat from the main menu we can recommend ordering a marinara or pugliese pizza to share as a starter. These two classics, of an almost extreme simplicity, will best allow you to enjoy the nuances of our pizza.

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    Via Fabio Filzi, 7  20124 Milano
    T 02 6693019 / M. 345 0673484
    F 02 83439945
    filzi7srl@hotmail.com www.ristorantelimone.it

    Open 7 days a week. From 12:00 to 23:30

    C.F e P.IVA 08659890969

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